Our oysters

La Fine de claire Jérôme Miet

Marine, tonic, iodine flavours, and that inimitable little taste of hazelnut.
Living proof that power is not the enemy of finesse.

The Jérôme Miet Special

Raised in Normandy and matured in Mornac-sur-Seudre, these double-terroir oysters are both fleshy and delicate.
No need to procrastinate, they are the stars of the house.

The Marennes Oléron

Oysters born, raised and matured in the unique terroir of Marennes Oléron.
In short, the oysters that the whole world envies.

The "M

The house's signature oyster, on the table of the best restaurants in Charente-Maritime and elsewhere.
And now available for purchase on mleshuitres.com


Local oysters, from specific plots of land, giving rise to ephemeral micro-productions.
Clearly, there won't be enough for everyone...

Tailor-made products

Oysters specially produced, exclusively for our distribution partners.
The quality oyster accessible to all: more than a slogan, a commitment!

They like our oysters and they say so...

Frank Berthier

Frank Berthier, the chef at Basses Amarres, the bistronomic institution in Mornac-sur-Seudre, "carefully selects the best products from the Charente region". And surprise, he has chosen the Jérôme Miet oysters!

Nando Fiorentini

Nando Fiorentini is the seafood buyer for Eataly, the slow food temples of Milan, Turin and Rome. Where can he buy quality oysters to treat our Italian friends?

Alexandre Lavigne

Alexandre Lavigne, chef of the Arrosoir (St-Palais-sur-Mer), has been to the Pré Catalan (Paris) and the Club Gascon (London) and is obviously a stickler for quality products... On his menu? Oysters by Jérôme Miet.

Le Georges

Le Georges is the bistro where the people of Royan meet to enjoy south-western cuisine prepared with the best local products. As for oysters, the Jérôme Miet have their napkin ring there.

Barrière Group

The Barrière Group is synonymous with quality, hedonism and French-style luxury. In your opinion, who sits majestically on the table at the Casino Barrière Royan?

Pascal Moreau

It is well known that golfers are fine gourmets. This is undoubtedly why Pascal Moreau, head of the excellent Royan golf restaurant (elected best golf table in France in 2015) serves them the Oysters Jérôme Miet.